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Life on the Farm

We raise a variety of animals here on Emerald Hill Farm. The smallest animals being our Holland lop rabbits to our largest animal being, Star and May, our Jersey Cows. When people ask us what animals we have on our farm we always tell them we have a little bit of everything! 

We have two Kune Kune pigs. Suzie and Solo are always a big hit when people come to visit. They are like giant labradors and enjoy lots of belly rubs and food!

You can also hear the sound of our Ancona ducks enjoying themselves in their little kiddie pool, even in the cold of winter. We of course raise a variety of chickens and enjoy getting delicious farm fresh eggs daily. In 2022, we added Leia, our Emu. She is a sweetie and enjoys running laps and always is very curious.

 Currently though, our main animal focus is around our herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats. We began breeding Nigerian Dwarfs in 2019 and with that came the desire to milk our goats.

Even though Nigerian Dwarf goats are one of the smallest breed of goats, they produce enough milk for our family. Goat milk is very rich and creamy and we have enjoyed making different flavored cheeses, homemade ice cream and sweet chocolate milk for our family. We have dreams of making handmade goat milk soap to sell in the near future.


We began our garden adventure in 2019. We have enjoyed learning the ins and outs of growing a garden and look forward to trying new things each year. Some of our favorite things to grow are zucchini, carrots, lettuce and potatoes. Those are probably our favorites because we have had the most luck with them!

We have enjoyed our time over that last several years trying all of the new things, getting our systems and infrastructure into place and learning through failure and loss. Farming is an amazing lifestyle that we are slowly learning and growing each season, and we want to share it with anyone who has the desire to learn with us.

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